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Early Exhibitions of the Collections of Aurel Stein, Part 5: 1922: Indian and Persian Paintings, British Museum.

After 1919, parts of the newly acquisitioned Stein collection in the British Museum started to be exhibited in permanent and temporary exhibitions. This series concentrates on the latter, but we have a few hints of the former in this period … Continue reading

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Nara to Norwich: Online Exhibition

Great to work with colleagues on this online exhibition, exploring arts and beliefs at the ends of the Silk Roads: Nara to Norwich. Continue reading

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A Trio of Mismatched Camels

A stone relief carving by a leading sculptor in 19th century Britain shows three camels—and the bones of a fourth—laden with goods being led by a man dressed in Bedouin robes. The frieze has been noted in several books and recent blog posts but few have mentioned a striking feature: the central camel is clearly a Bactrian, a two-humped camel from central Asia. How do we explain this anatopistic beast? Continue reading

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Early Exhibitions of the Collections of Aurel Stein, Part 3: 1914, King Edward VII Galleries

On 7 May 1914, the British Museum opened the new north wing of the Museum, the King Edward VII Galleries.1 The opening exhibition in the ground floor galleries showed paintings, manuscripts and other artefacts acquired by Aurel Stein (1862–1943) on … Continue reading

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New Book: Silk Roads: Peoples, Cultures, Landscapes

CONTENTS EXCERPT FROM INTRODUCTION There was no ‘Silk Road’. It is a modern label in widespread use only since the late 20th century and used since then to refer to trade and interaction across Afro-Eurasia from roughly 200 BE to … Continue reading

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Silk Road Summer School

4-day Silk Road course in central London Continue reading

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